29th May 2017
lancaster medical school

Lancaster Medical School: Medical School Guide – Week 12

Lancaster University was founded in 1964 and it is one of only 6 collegiate universities in the UK. Each undergraduate college is named after a particular place in Lancashire and each college houses its own campus, residence blocks, common rooms and bar. The university is a campus university, located in […]
22nd May 2017
Sheffield Medical School

Sheffield Medical School: Medical School Guide – Week 11

Are you applying to medicine? Each week we look at a different medical school and tell you everything you need to know about applying to that particular medical school. This week, we look at Sheffield Medical School. Sheffield Medical School dates back to 1828 but formerly became part of the University […]
17th May 2017
ukcat logo


Do you want to know more about the UCKAT? Well this blog is for you. Doctor To Be will be running a UKCAT and personal statement courses across the UK this July.UKCAT stands for United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test. In a nutshell the UKCAT is a test which lasts for […]
15th May 2017
keel medical school

Keele Medical School: Medical School Guide – Week 10

  Keele University is located in rural Staffordshire, occupying 620 acres of land near the village of Keele, making it the largest campus university in the UK. It was established as a university in 1949 is located around 3 miles from Newcastle under-Lyme. The teaching of medicine as an undergraduate […]
11th May 2017
graduate entry medicine

The Graduate Entry Medicine Guide: Accelerated Course vs. Full 5/6 Year Course

Those that have already completed their first degree or close to finishing their first degree have the opportunity to apply to graduate entry medicine. Graduate entry medicine lasts four years rather than the full five or six years. Just because someone is eligible for the shortened programme does not mean […]
2nd May 2017
graduate entry medicine guide academic requirements

 The Graduate Entry Medicine Guide: Academic Requirements

Have you completed your degree or close to completing your degree and thinking about medicine?  Our Graduate Entry Medicine Guide serialised in weekly blogs on the Doctor To Be website gives you all the information you need to know about academic requirements for applying to medicine as a graduate. In […]
7th April 2017
graduate entry medicine

The Perfect Applicant For Medicine

Applying to medicine is highly competitive, Doctor To Be is here to help you through that often difficult process. Hopeful applicants may be thinking;  what do I need to increase my chances of getting into a medical school? This is best thought of in a very sequential manner.  Firstly score […]