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I went to the London UKCAT and London Interview course. It was the same 2 doctors running it and they did an amazing job. They make the courses because lets face it what they teach you can get from a book but your paying for them. And they’re worth it.

William Carter-Johnson

Went to both courses and both were fantastic. Helped me a lot. Cant recommend highly enough.

Jessica Waugh

Having applied 2 years ago and got no interviews I couldn’t afford to not go on a course. I’m glad I chose doctor to be because right from the outset they were the only people that knew what they were talking about. From no interviews the previous year I got 3 offers this year. Already got the grades so its time to relax for me.

Victoria Barratt

I asked for a mock MMI and that’s what was provided. It was so close to the real MMI that 7 of 8 stations I’d already done. Of course I got my offer.

Victoria Blenkiron

1 day on interviews doesn’t sound very long but this day was very well structured and passed quickly. I came out full of confidence and used the structures that they taught me. I aced all my interviews.

Hannah-Mae Martin

Thanks for all the help. Your interview course is definitely worth its weight in gold.

Michael Welsh

I was really sceptical when I saw 1 day for UKCAT and personal statement but at £99 it was way cheaper than other courses out there. I was really surprised. Instead of just answering lots of questions like my friends told me they do on other courses, this course actually taught me to analyse and understand the questions. I got 790 so they must be doing something right.

Louise Mcpherson

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. I cannot rate DTB high enough. I tried other courses but DTB made everything so clear.

John Potter

UK CAT and PS statement very good but the interview course was amazing. The guys must interview for medical schools as they knew exactly what to say and how to ask the questions. I didn’t think the group format would help but actually listening to others is without a doubt better than practising alone.

Olivia Smith

Doctortobe are quite an interesting concept. I never thought I would pay for somebody to help get into medical school but I did. I was really struggling with the UKCAT and after attending their course it all just made sense. After getting a good score I thought I would try their interview course and I wasn’t disappointed. I got offers from all 4 medical schools and would definitely recommend them.

Adam Khan

I found the medical interview course really helpful. It has given me a whole load of confidence for my forthcoming medical interviews. The groups were a good size, allowing for interaction and discussion as well as the much needed role play scenarios. Overall a really good course.

Christopher Marriott

I thought the UKCAT & personal statement course was fantastic. I thought it was exceptionally good value for money at £99 particularly when you think about some of the costs of other courses and I can’t imagine they will be teaching you anything different compared to this course. The course was very well structured and well presented, would definitely recommend it.

Jessica Thompson

I attended the UKCAT and personal statement course in London and was very happy I chose Doctor To Be. I did my research before booking and saw a couple of organisations doing personal statement courses and quite a few with UKCAT courses but no one with a one day course taking in both the UKCAT and the personal statement so it was an obvious choice in the end. Having attended the course one day was perfect to go through the UKCAT to understand the assessment and go through lots of example questions and to gain a better understanding of what needs to go into the personal statement.

Sukhdev Singh

I really wasn’t looking forward to writing my personal statement over the summer but with all the help and guidance from the Doctor To Be UKCAT and personal statement course the whole process became a breeze. Following their structure and making sure I adhered to all their hints and tips and taking some inspiration from some of their many examples of personal statements helped me immensely.

Li Na

The personal statement and UKCAT course was great. It covered everything that I was expecting and much, much more. I do not think I would have scored as highly on the UKCAT without having gone on this course. I’m not sure how good other courses are out there but I know for sure that these guys know what they are talking about.

Sarah Waters

Thank you to Doctor To Be for helping me get my place at my first choice medical school. I was so nervous about the medical interview process but this is testament that good preparation is key. I found the Doctor To Be course most useful and would definitely recommend this course to any potential medical students.

James Sturridge

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