2nd May 2017
graduate entry medicine guide academic requirements

 The Graduate Entry Medicine Guide: Academic Requirements

Have you completed your degree or close to completing your degree and thinking about medicine?  Our Graduate Entry Medicine Guide serialised in weekly blogs on the Doctor To Be website gives you all the information you need to know about academic requirements for applying to medicine as a graduate. In […]
26th April 2017

Leeds Medical School – Medical School Guide: Week 8

  Our medical school guide provides a blog on a different UK medical school each week, this week we look at Leeds Medical school. Established back in 1831 the university was initially known as the Yorkshire college of Science and became Leeds University in 1904. The institution has 31,790 students […]
23rd April 2017


Are you applying to a medical school that requires you to sit the BMAT, read on to find out everything there is to know about the BMAT. BMAT stands for BioMedical Admissions Test. It is an aptitude test used for medicine, veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences in some universities in […]
16th April 2017
hull york

Hull York Medical School: Medical School Guide – Week 7

  The Hull York Medical School only opened in 2003, making it on one of the newest medical schools in the UK. Half of incoming students are randomly assigned to spend their first two, mainly non-clinical years at either the Hull or York campus, which are an hour’s drive apart. […]
13th April 2017

British Medical Association (BMA): A Profile

It is worthwhile having some basic knowledge of what the BMA is in case it crops up at a medical interview. This overview below should provide you with more than enough information for any interview question. The British Medical Association is a professional trade union body for doctors registered in […]
9th April 2017
newcastle medical school

Newcastle University Medical School: Medical School Guide – Week 6

  Our Medical School Guide will tell you everything you need to know if your thinking about aapplying to Newcastle University Medical School. Newcastle University began as a school for medicine and surgery in 1834. Further colleges opened over time and in 1963 it became independent from University of Durham […]
7th April 2017
graduate entry medicine

The Perfect Applicant For Medicine

Applying to medicine is highly competitive, Doctor To Be is here to help you through that often difficult process. Hopeful applicants may be thinking;  what do I need to increase my chances of getting into a medical school? This is best thought of in a very sequential manner.  Firstly score […]
2nd April 2017
glasgow university

Glasgow University Medical School: Medical School Guide – Week 5

  Our blog on Glasgow Medical School goes through everything you need to know about getting into Glasgow Medical school, course structure and much, much more. The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451, it is the fourth oldest university in the UK and the second oldest in Scotland. It […]
29th March 2017
Selecting which medical school is quite possibly the biggest decision of your pre-working and working life, it determines where you will spend 5-6 years of your life, possibly many, many more, with so many factors to consider: location, expense and course structure to name a few. At 17 years old […]